Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom

In taking away their liberty, God had set them free… For the American Independence Day, are we revelling in liberty or are we celebrating true freedom?

ugly 2rb


Everything God creates is good. The problem is, what God creates, people disfigure. Every single time I sin, I am marring the beauty God has created. Sometimes that disfigurement only happens inside my own soul. Other times my sin forever changes the course of someone else’s life.

bend down 2rb

Bend Down

The woman caught in adultery was being made a spectacle. What began as a “private” sin between two consenting adults had been turned into a public spectacle. All of a sudden everybody knew and was all up in her business. Every eye in the very crowded city was on her… And then Jesus bent down and began writing in the dust. Whatever it was that He wrote, the attention was taken off of the adulteress. On this day of disaster, in a moment of terror, with that one simple act Jesus provided a refuge. He moved the spotlight of conviction and turned it right around on her accusers.

killing jesus

Killing Jesus

I am a murderer. Not in a legal sense, no. I do not have to worry about any statute of limitations and have no need to try and bury any evidence to prevent experiencing an extended stay at my local penitentiary. Actually, I have much bigger things to worry about.


A Place Of Safety

I know that what God says is true. He says that “the godly have a refuge when they die.” He says, “you have been fearfully and wonderfully made.” He says, “all things are made through Him [Jesus], without Him nothing is made that has been made.” What God makes is good. What God creates is holy… righteous.

best block

Best Block…

In Karate Kid 2, Mister Miyagi teaches Daniel a very important lesson… The best defense against our opponent is to not be where he is going to hit us.